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The Diary

Home Again

Our journey is at an end.
It has been a splendid adventure.
We have experienced moments of great tension and of satisfaction.
Hardship and wonder.
This journey has delivered all the emotions it promised from the beginning.
We hope that through this website, we have been able to share it with you, with affection.
Furthermore, we hope to have given you a sense of our feelings.

We have travelled 72,000km (over 44,000 miles).
We have met many incredible people.
We have used over 8000litres of fuel visiting 34 countries, of which, 31 were African.
Every encounter, the surprise and adventure will be described in a soon to be released book.

“Every step to leave is a step closer to returning”
This is what Neil Armstrong said on his way to the moon.
But we could also say
Every step closer to returning is a step closer to a new departure
Towards new dreams to fulfil.
And so it goes, now we are home and we embrace these days of celebration with our dear families and friends.

Allow us to dedicate this journey to our dear friend Mauro.
We met him in Nigeria but he was taken by destiny’s mysterious course whilst we were in Cameroon.