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The Diary
We left some help in...


Solidarity projects
All details of solidarity projects that we have set out to fulfil are found in the Italian page.

Every time we'll achieve one, full details will be promptly published on this site.

Along the way we will be faced with many unforseen events, which cannot be accounted for yet.

Our intention is to favour smaller communities, where International humanitarian Aid is not yet available.

ELFOAVVENTURE is the organization that collects all funds.
Take a look at the"Solidarity book" on their website to check how much has been collected so far.


Africa Mission
During our journey we will be visiting many missionary organizations, offering safety and support for our stopovers.
Sudan - Emergency Centre
We'd like to visit and help a small medical centre from Emergency in Sudan. At this point we do not know if our visit is possible, welcome or just safe.

According to our plans we'll be in Sudan in a year's time and anything can still happpen.

At the moment we're just arranging the first contacts.