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The Diary
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Second bicycle donated – Hand in Hand – Nkoranza
The Hand in Hand centre - set up by doctor Ineke and her husband Bob - looks after orphans and mentally handicapped children.
Sometimes, these handicapped children are referred to as “water-children”, because, it is believed that their mothers had been possessed by the water spirits before their birth. They are therefore, often abandoned by the water’s edge so that the water spirits may come and take them back.
At the centre, the children are fed, looked after and sent to the near-by school. And here, part of their education is to learn how to be independent after they leave.
You can also rent out the small house, the money goes towards supporting the centre. We leave an Elfo token worth 50 euro and a second bicycle also donated by Gil and Isabella. (It was our initial plan to deliver these bicycles in Kenya, but after careful consideration we decided to allocate them here).
Volunteers are welcome.
Adopting Teresa – Nkoranza
Her name is Teresa; abandoned in a market near Accra a year ago. She was very poorly, suffering from malnutrition and needed hospital treatment; Teresa suffers from depression and struggles with mental illness and epilepsy.
She was brought to the centre a week ago; she does not speak and never smiles.
We leave an Elfo token worth 300euros and adopt her through Elfo, until we find someone who wishes to look after her. A yearly contribution of 300 euros is needed for Teresa.
Delivering the first bicycle - Countryside Orphanage - 11 Feb. 2008
As we arrive, dozens of excited children overwhelm us; we are surrounded, they jump-up and attempt to climb on us all at the same time!
Emma and Joseph are “mum and dad” to all 140 kids, and with the help of other volunteers, they take care of them. Children are often found abandoned on the streets. The orphanage, feeds, looks after and sends them to school. Part of their education is to learn how to be independent after they leave the centre. We leave an Elfo token, some clothes and a bicycle kindly donated by Gil and Isabella from Italy. This bicycle is an instant hit with the children.
OrphnAid Africa-Ghana-16 Febb 2008