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The Diary
We left some help in...


Tombolo orphans
Since the school has just recently opened the Government has committed to paying the teachers, we opted to leave an Elfo token worth $50 to pay for school material for the four orphan girls who live in the mission.

St. Josè Operario Centre – Luanda
We visit St. Josè Operario Centre - a centre for women - where there are courses in sewing and a new I.T. lab that is being set up to offer introductory computer courses.
In this centre, a group of single mothers without family are also assisted.
We leave a solidarity Elfoavventure token worth $200.
Angelo - Chiulo Hospital
Angelo is a 3-month-old baby whose mother died during his birth. None of his relatives has come forward to claim him. For the time being, Angelo will remain in this hospital, where the nursing staff will look after him. With the seasons change and as the river water gets lower, it is hoped that his relatives will come forward to look for him.
We donate a $150 Elfo token to buy artificial milk and everything else Angelo may need.
We will keep in touch.