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The Diary
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Dreilinden – Okangwati
A refectory is at this time, feeding some 40 children and other poor people from the area suffering from malnutrition. The governing social assistants pick out those that need more attention. Some are orphans or foundlings without fathers, others without their mothers and those from extremely poor families.
Every afternoon at about 2 o’clock, they arrive at the centre for a rich daily meal made exclusively from maze.
Given the isolation of the area, Gisela and Andreas have great difficulties obtaining fresh food as well as all other kinds of foods and supplies. To get to Opuwo, the first substantial village, they have to travel two hours off-road.
We leave an Elfo token (150euro - £120) for supplies destined for the refectory.
They also have a lack in warm cloths and shoes for the children. Beer bottles broken and left on the floor are the cause of many bad injuries to the barefooted children’s feet. We will try to raise some funds from the running athletes that are participating in the '100km Namibian Desert Run' in July, organized by Zitoway.
Mangetti Dune Nursery
Herman and Elna are helping the San Mangetti community. They personally follow the school activities and make sure that everything is well in the local schools.
Furthermore, they take care of the nursery school.
Here the children have the possibility to integrate themselves into their future school. Many of them live in villages where their parents have never been to school. They start their education in the nursery school.
We decide to leave an Elfo token (150euro - £120) to be allocated to a few of these extremely poor children.
Casa Angelo – Mangetti Dune
Melitta, a Swiss doctor, has lived and worked in the Mangetti hospital for some 19 years.
She is the founder of the Orphanage, Casa Angelo in 2002.
She welcomes a few dozen children, whose parents have died or those whose parents have abandoned or simply cannot, take care of them.
Nearly all of them are of the San ethnic group.
A few volunteers from the village take care of the children and they attend to them day and night.
As well as the orphanage, there is a hospital, a school and now a refectory where warm meals are given to the poor.
We leave an Elfo token in solidarity (150-euro - £120) towards the orphanage.