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The Diary
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Neliswa Malaza – Pre-adoption
She is 6 years old; her parents are unemployed and very poor. She lives a good two-hour walk from the city, and with an Elfo token, she will be able to attend the Ejubugweni primary school. We leave a 300-Euro Elfo token for her. Come January, this little girl will be in need of further financial support. We hope there is someone out there who wishes to help her carry on with her schooling.

Hope House – Manzini
The centre houses mainly TBC and Aids sufferers. Here, patients are looked-after and fed. At the moment, twenty-five individual houses have been built, with more under construction. In each small house, there is a bathroom, kitchen and, as well as a bed for the patient, there is one for a relative. Once patients are cured and better they are sent home. Unfortunately, they often return, as they are unable to look after themselves due to their poor diet and further illness. Some patients often arrive back too late, and so the centre is a place where they spend their last few days. Patients that cannot afford to pay are admitted free of charge. We leave a 300 Euro Elfo token to cover the fee for a patient to stay in the centre for a whole year.

St. Joseph Community for the disabled.
This community is a dream and can be defined as “the miracle of a man” a man resolute and determined in his quest for the good of the people. Don Angelo Ciccone has realized many projects, but he still has a plan he’s been keeping tucked-away: to breed goats so that the community can be self-sufficient, not only for the milk from the goats, but also meat. Angelo knows in particular the value of this milk, as he was brought-up on it and so fells a certain indebtedness. Helping people work towards their dream is wonderful, and so we decide to help Don Angelo by leaving a 150-Euro Elfo token. It wasn’t easy to make him accept our token, as he thought it was for the hospitality we received; however, we managed to convince him that the token was to help the building with the new construction.