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The Diary
We left some help in...


Recycled paper
PAMET stands for Paper Making Education Trust. It is a project geared towards making letter paper, exercise books, diaries, frames and cards. All hand-made from recycled paper, banana leaves, baobab berries and elephant dung. We have supported this project by buying products worth €65. All this material will be on sale on our Elfo solidarity stalls.

Irrigation Project
The River Shire is rich with good water; it runs among the arid fields; crocodiles, hippopotami and birds delight in it. As with most good ideas, simplicity is the key.
An 8km long irrigation system will bring much needed water to the dry land.
We leave a 150 Euro Elfo token towards the first meters of tube.

A family village - Namwera
In addition to the orphanage, a new building with bedrooms, kitchens and toilets is under construction. This will host the schoolchildren who live far from the centre, so that they can attend the school giving them an introduction in to the working world.
We leave a 150 Euro Elfo token towards the project.

The picture shows an undernourished child having a check-up.

Rice and maize for the orphans – Mwera
Goats, cows, rabbits and chickens; an orchard with fruit and vegetables, everything is well organised and self-produced in the St. Mary centre; however, rice and maize are needed as they form the basis of their indigenous diet.

We leave a 150 Euro Elfo Token towards buying these products.