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The Diary
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The Poor of Mafinga
We give help to the poor families and the orphans, situated 2000m up in the cold eucalyptus forests. Nobody here speaks English and so communication is very difficult.
The picture shows the distribution of high protein flour.

We leave 300-Euro Elfoavventure token.

Poor Students of Morogoro
We always encourage education among the young students and orphans. We wonder whether this despairing Africa, one day, step by step can find a better future. This group takes care exclusively of the poor. The State requested the opening of a school in an affluent area, providing the land to build on. They seem to have refused to invest their time, energy and resources in the poorer neighbourhoods.
We leave 300-Euro Elfo token

Nursery of Kawe
Children of all religions are welcome at this nursery and clinic. There are six classes, with children ranging between the age of three and six-years. Whilst they are here, they receive one hot meal per day. Their work here should give them a good foundation to do well in future schools, even though some of these schools, over the past few years, have become less efficient. There are about 100 children per class, if they donít pay attention during lessons and at the end of the term donít come up to the mark, they arenít failed as a result, but simply have to face the consequence of a lower degree of education.
Support for some, comes by means of distance adoption. We leave 200-euro Elfo token towards meal costs.