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The Diary
We left some help in...


Refugee Camp
These children are the result of the insanity, ethnic hatred and the dirty and shameful French interests in Rwanda (we are in 1994!). They were born in a refugee camp and they have never known anything else other than their situation of poverty that is unimaginable to us Europeans.
We leave a 100 Euro Elfo token

A place for the poor and the sick – Kingali
After thirty years of work in the hospital and fifty in the mission, Sister Marie-Michel could tell us stories to fill ten books.
The latest idea is to build some flats for the poorest and the sick that live outside the city. It is a two-day journey to come to the city hospital for treatment and all too often, they find that there isn’t a place and so they are told to come back in a few days. These people cannot afford to stay or return back home, therefore they could spend these few days in the flats – once built - whilst they are waiting hospital admission.

We leave a 200 Euro Elfo token.