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The Diary
We left some help in...


Maria Romero Children’s Home - Nairobi
Sara, Milka, Jakline, Margaret….
There are 32 children, the mothers of who have died of AIDS; some have a history of sexual abuse, solitude, and of burnt-down homes; we will tell more of their plight in the book.
We leave a 300-euro Elfo token towards their school education.

Likoni Orphanage
In this orphanage, 48 children aged between 5 and 18 years find shelter. We meet Austin, the chef and kitchen caretaker from the orphanage. Together, we go to the local market and buy 10kg of rice, 24kg of flour, 20kg of maize, 5 sacks of beans, 30lt of oil and 500kg of sugar for 100 Euro.
Elfo Initiative – Jimba School
It was 2006 when Elfo members organized an incredible party called “All crazy for the well”. During the party, a sum of money was collected and subsequently given to AMREF association towards a few projects in Africa. This is one of them.
In this school, 751 children attend classes between elementary level to the equivalent of our secondary school. The headmaster is very happy to get to know us Elfo members. With some of the funds, school toilets have been built, subsequently improving health conditions: fewer cases of diarrhoea, intestinal infections and cholera.
In the water tank, children wash their hands after having visited the toilets and before meals. The big tanks you see in the picture act as the taps. Written on the plaque is the name of the school, “Asante sana” means “Thank you very much” and “Alfo” stands for “Elfo”, there has been a spelling mistake.

Lepers from Lake Victoria
In this centre close to Lake Victoria, TBC and HIV patients receive assistance, in the form of treatment and accommodation. Many “old” patients from 1976 who have been cured still live here, as they are self–conscious of going back into society because of the deformities they have suffered.
We leave a 100-euro Elfo token towards the distribution of medicines.

Ndugu-Zangu community
Everyone calls him Nonno Luigi (Grandpa Luigi).
He founded this community in 1966 and today, it boasts a hostel for children who are attending school, an orphanage and a small health centre. Sometimes, children with heart problems are taken to Italy to undergo operations. We leave a 200-euro Elfo token.


Archer’s Post mothers
Besides the school and the hospital, food is distributed on a regular basis to the mothers and their undernourished children. The daily procession is on-going, almost a siege.
We leave a 100 euro Elfo token.

Aeolian wells – Laisamis
In this region, the scarce water supplies are particularly precious. Every flush is recycled and channelled into an irrigation tube to water a small orchard. Water from the majority of these wells is salty. The depth of the water springs does not allow the use of a hand pump and the running costs for diesel pumps are far too expensive. The only available source is wind energ; solar panels would be better, but they are too expensive. We leave an Elfo token worth 150-euro towards replacement pump pistons.

The children's village – Sololo
OBBITU village is host to twenty orphans out of the hundred-fifty taken care of by C.C.M. The building has bedrooms, a kitchen, bathrooms and showers for the young ones and for the staff. Another useful service in this area is a mobile clinic, which, twice a week, goes through the more isolated villages to distribute medicines and to assist the needy.
We leave a solidarity Elfo token worth 150-euro.

A water tank in Moyale
The large 8000litre water tanks cost about 700-euro. They are transported from Nairobi and, considering the bad road conditions, transport costs are just 150 euro. With one of these tanks, a family is able to endure the dry season. We decide to donate an elfo token worth 150-euro towards transportation costs.