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The Diary
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Promoting Women – Adwa
Discrimination against women in Africa is a well known problem. For this reason, funding this project is to help women to get an education and find a place to work.
We leave a 150 euro Elfo token.

The poor of Ziway
At this centre, we visit the fashion and computer school. Also, there is an outpatient clinic with a pharmacy, where many women with malnourished children can get weekly help and care; orphans and abandoned children are also taken care of.
We leave 150 euro Elfo token toward the nutritional project.

LIGA and its children. Addis Abeba
It is a small Ethiopian run organization. This nursery for poor families has been built on the outskirts of Addis Abeba with some other projects to help improve health conditions under way.
We give them a hand by donating a 150 euro Elfo token with the promise to keep us informed of their future progress

Dessie school
Run by Ethiopian missionaries, the building is quite large and well kept. There are over 1000 children from all walks of life and religions. There is a nursery, primary and secondary school of first and second degrees. The poorest people are exempt from paying. The State makes regular checks on the school often delivering some over critical opinions; a little pedantic considering the poor standards of public schools.
There are two colleges that host boys and girls who travel a long distance. They have some cows and an allotment producing vegetables, milk and yoghurt for the guests. In the absence of European missionaries, funds to sustain the project are difficult to find.
We leave a 150 euro Elfo token.

Hospital for HIV positives and the poor
The Missionary of Charity, follows the directive of Maria Teresa of Calcutta and takes care of the abandoned and the dying. There are three-hundred patients; people with mental problems, AIDS and TBC sufferers, and over one-thousand aided with basic nourishment. Considering the difficulty of finding food supplies due to the recent reduction in funds by the government, we leave 100 euro Elfo token.

Tara Centre in Gonder – 18 Dec 2008
A centre run by Kate, an English lady, and her Ethiopian husband. It is a primary school with sixty-four children. They support many poor families with material aid and educational courses. They also help the ready and willing students with distance adoptions, and follow the cures of some people with serious illnesses. In this centre, many animals are also taken care of: cats, many dogs and also monkeys that are re-habilitated in to the wild and freed into the mountains.
We leave some items of clothing and an Elfo token worth 150 euro.