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Nazareth School – Kaduna
Nazareth school was the brainchild of a Nun called Semira. Nun Semira is originally from Italy and she has been in Nigeria for over 10 years. Nigeria, the most populated state in Africa, has the highest number of schoolchildren. This school hosts about 500 pupils from many different religions. Apart from school lessons, children get a meal, their afternoon snacks and uniforms. A distance contribution is available to some of the poorer families who need to travel.
We have visited the enormous outdoor kitchen, the canteen and the classrooms. Each class holds between 35 and 38 schoolchildren. There is also a nursery. In just a few years, the school has developed greatly, thanks to the dedication, perseverance and the great effort of the nuns. We leave an Elfo token worth 150 euros to cover some school expenses.
Drill Ranch – Obudo
Drill Ranch is part of the Pandrillus Project for the preservation of wildlife. Situated on the border of Cameroon in the Ifi Mountains, an American named Peter and his staff take care of mandrills, a very interesting and nowadays rare type of monkey. The project includes taking care of their well-being, propagation programs and helping them to reintegrate into their natural habitat. There are also some chimpanzees, saved from the brutal abusive hands of their captors. One chimpanzee female was kept closed in a small case for ten years; another can hardly walk, is unable to climb and has problems with the pigmentation of his coat. And there is Murphy, who throws whatever he can get his hands on at people, and he’s very good at it! We wonder what caused his trauma…
We decide to leave an Elfo token worth 50 euros, as this project is the biggest and most important source of employment around this area. We felt it would be useful to help and support this species of monkey, which is under threat of extinction.