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The Diary
Landy K7
Our Landy K7
Here she is!
Here is our home, our car, our refuge, our life for........ a whole year?
A 1988 Land Rover Defender 110
1993 TDI 300 engine.
this is Landy K7 during the Sahara 100 Km race. She was still called "777" from the number plate and little did she know what we had in store for her...

Car preparation
Serious heart surgery
Complete rebuild!
Removal of the engine, gear box, differentials, half axles,couplings, break system, etc...
The engine
The engine has been removed. A new water pump has been fitted and 4 injectors modified.
We can rebuild it!
This is what remains after a week of disassembly.
Front Suspension
Shock-absorbers have been upgraded with the classic "castelletto" with a supplementary stirrup welded to the chassis.
Rear Suspension
Rear shock-absorbers have also been upgraded with a further two added.
Springs have been upgraded.
The second shock-absorbers fitting has been welded for added strenght and durability.
Supplementary Naphta Tank 1
A naphta tank has been added under the navigator seat. The tank belongs to a Defender 90 and the filler neck has been modified. It fits perfectly. This gives us an extra 80 litre capacity.
Supplementary Naphta Tank 2
The second tank is connected to the third one. It's in the driver and passenger compartment and it's fitted in parallel. It leans on the internal left wing.
The tank is filled and vented from the outside of the vehicle.
It empties into tank 3.
Supplementary Naphta Tank 3
Tank 2 cascades into Tank 3 through a protected tube.
Tank 3 can also be emptied into a supplementary tank via a tap and a closed tube.
Water Tanks
Two separate steel water tanks are fitted in the rear passenger foot-well. They have two taps: an internal one and an external one for complete drainage.
Tank capacity.....litres.
Disassembled and reconditioned. Two self-locking differentials have been fitted.
After careful consideration about the type of roads we'll be travelling on and following helpful advice, we have opted for Goodrich Mud Terrain tyres. We'll use them as spare ones, as we already have excellent and sought-after Michelin tyres.
Mounted winch with new steel cables.
Roof tent

The most difficult choice.
Roof rack
A han-made galvanized iron roof-rack. The flat part is in plywood.
Security netting
The driver compartment and the rear seats can be separated by a security netting. Access is possible through this net but it can also be locked and secured.
Window security netting
Rear and rear-door windows have been covered with a bolted protective netting, hoping to discourage thieves.
Air conditioning
Our Defender didn't have air condition. Taking into account African temperatures, we have fitted a second-hand fully reconditioned unit.
Car alarm
We have fitted 4 different car alarms. An electronic one with sirens. For security reasons we prefer not to disclose the other three models. Anyone wishing to fit a car alarm can contact us in writing and we'll reply in private.
Considering the high temperatures, we have installed a brand new radiator.
A new water pump has been fitted....
Front Bumper
A reinforced front bumper by Aymer has been fitted. There is a slot where an air conditioning radiator can be fitted too.
Rear Bumper
It is not fitted.
Bull Bar
Hand-made, zinc-coated and painted. It's fitted on the rear bumper by supports.
Door interior
Used classic tubulars.
Spare wheel mounting bracket
It moves independently of the back door and it can be locked to prevent access into the vehicle.
The wheel can be locked to the mounting bracket.
Rear Canopy
Han-made from canvas. It can be detached and attached to the roof rack at the rear of the vehicle.
We've opted for a compressor 50-litre one. It works with 12 and 220 volts.
The fridge is fitted at the back of to the driver's seat. It can be accessed from the veranda side and from the inside of the vehcle through th navigator's seat.

It goes from -18°to 10° Centigrades by a led display electric thermostat. The top can be open by 2 sides.
It can contain 2-litre vertical bottles.
Gear box and Reducer
Rear axel flange
We have removed the classic plastic screw plugs and replaced them with metal ones.
Cooker shelf
Folding aluminium cooker shelf fixed to the rear door of the vehicle. The door can be closed when the shelf is unfolded.
Useful for cooking and doing the washing up.
Side worktop
In aluminium grain.
Hinges in inox.
Very comfortable.